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How to Declutter your wardrobe for good!

We all have those mornings where we stare in the closest trying to work out what to wear. Eventually after trying on every single thing we own, and creating a mess in the process we end up back in an outfit that we’ve worn several times.

Does this sound like you?

I was the same! Every few months or maybe once a year, I would clean out my wardrobe and get rid of several bags of clothing. This purge felt therapeutic. Finally I knew exactly what was in my wardrobe, until I went shopping and bought more.

If you’ve done exactly the same thing then now is your chance to change this and declutter your wardrobe for good!


Declutter time!

Take everything out of your wardrobe. The best way to understand exactly what you’ve got in your wardrobe is to remove it all. Lay it on your bed or even the floor. This way it will also force you to deal with it all before you are able to go to sleep. Turn your space into four piles (If you have boxes lying around use them). Your piles will now become ‘Keep’, ‘throw’, ‘sell’ and ‘donate’.

Pick up each piece of clothing, one by one. Hold it in your hands, actually try it on and look at yourself in a mirror, check it over for stains, rips etc.
Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I currently wear it?
  2. Does it make me feel good? Comfortable & Happy
  3. Does it fit me and my body shape?
  4. Can I style it with at least 3 other pieces?

If you answer no to any of these questions it’s very likely you do not need it and will never wear it. Be ruthless! If you are unsure then maybe put it in the ‘donate’ pile for now and you can come back to it at the end. Be careful to not put too many items in this pile as a ‘maybe’ though.

Anything that doesn’t make you feel good or isn’t comfortable should go straight into the sell/donate piles. Items that don’t quite fit, it’s up to you if you keep them or not. If an item is several sizes too big or small it’s likely you won’t wear it again.

This chart may help you decide:


Once you’ve gone through each item put the ‘sell’, ‘throw’ and ‘donate’ sections away into bags or boxes and into another room out of sight.

Focus on your ‘keep’ pile. Hang each item back up in your wardrobe. You can take the chance now to organise the items into groups while you put them back in. I like to group them by type; my tops together, dresses together etc. I go even further and group them together by colour, but you don’t have to do this. Having items grouped together by type will allow you to see what you are lacking in or what you need more of and will also allow you to find pieces when you need them instead of wondering where is that red top?

Once you’ve done this with your clothes it’s helpful to do a similar thing with your shoes, handbags, accessories etc. There will be items you’ve got that you most likely don’t need.


What to ask yourself next time you shop

Now that your wardrobe looks is all nice and organised it would be a shame to let it get cluttered again. Next time you are going shopping make sure to ask yourself these questions before you buy a piece of clothing. You might see a bit of a pattern here

  • Does it make me feel good? Yes
  • Does it fit me and my body shape? Yes
  • Can I style it with at least 3 other pieces? Yes
  • Do I have anything like this already? No
  • Is it affordable? Yes

If these are your answers to these questions, then buy it!

Follow these steps again at the start of each new season and you should be able to keep a clean, clutter free closet of items you actually wear all year round.

In another post i’ll go through creating a capsule wardrobe/minimalist wardrobe. Keep a look out for that!


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