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Debt Free Community Interviews: Amanda

Welcome to another one of my Debt Free Community series interviews. This week I am featuring Amanda from Australia . I hope you are enjoying this series!

Q: Tell me a bit about yourself

Born and grew up in Sweden, moved to Australia in 2010. Oldest out of 3 and my parents are still married and live in the house where I grew up. My upbringing was very safe and happy, I only have happy memories from my childhood.


Q: What is your current financial situation?

$92, 000 in debt including a personal loan, a car loan and 2 student loans. I started to take my debt free journey seriously in April 2018 and have paid nearly $10, 000 towards debt since then.

I have a partner that I live with but we don’t share our finances so he is not aware of my situation and how high my debt is. We share all other payments like rent, food, activities etc.


Q: What was your ‘reason’ for paying off debt?

I had my parents over earlier this year and instead of saving up money to spend some time with them, I took 4 different loans. I felt good as I had money but when the repayments started, I was broke. I couldn’t afford food or fuel because $1,300 of my $1,800 pay went towards loan repayments.

I realised that I cannot be in this sort of situation turning 30 this year, it’s time to grow up and take control over my money and not have to stress anymore.

Q: What have you done to help pay your debt?

First thing I did was to find out just how much in debt I actually was and how much I was owing on each loan. Then I set up a budget so I knew where my money was going and I realised I wasted $200/week on only food for 1 person. I started to follow different Instagram accounts for inspiration and quickly realised that I needed to start my own page to keep myself going and motivated. I cut down a lot of costs and also got serious on Airtasker where I got a lot of regular cleaning jobs.


Q: Have you had any particular setbacks during this journey? If so, What did you do to overcome these?

So many ups and downs. Some weeks were really hard as I was behind in payments and some weeks if I had a birthday party or something I went over budget and struggled but after 2 weeks I was back on track again. It is hard to say no to friends and social events,

Q: Where do you see your financial situation in 5 years time?

Debt free and saving most of my income.

Q: What advice would you give a beginner on their debt free journey?

Let yourself have a ‘reality check’ and find out how much you owe and then set up a budget and goals.

Q: What will you change when you become debt free?

When I become debt free I will travel more.

Q: Where can we find you online?


Instagram -__thetruthaboutme

*Images used with permission. Icons designed by Freepik from Flaticon.

If you’d like to be featured in the next post let me know! Comment below or send me a message on my contact page.



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