Photo Credit: Juliette Steen (ABC Life)

Hello! I’m Tasha. I’m 31 and a single mum to my son Ryan. I live in the sunny state of Queensland, Australia. I was a shopaholic for many years who got myself into debt with a credit card and personal loan for my first car.

In my daily life (when not on maternity leave), I work as an Executive and Project Assistant as well as a Freelance Writer. I’ve worked in admin type roles since 2012 after I left university. I studied a Bachelor of Information Technology and a Bachelor of Creative Industries with the intention of getting into graphic design and web design. I’ve also always had a love for reading and writing and was known to write poems on an old school typewriter as a teenager. I also was often so quiet in the house reading that my mother wasn’t sure I was still home!

I like to think of myself as a bit different to the mainstream. I’m a little bit hippy, a little bit alternative. I don’t wear makeup. I don’t follow fashion trends. I live a life that is against the norm. The norm being people in relationships with children or those who work 9-5 jobs. I dream of something a bit different. I love the outdoors, nature, reading, tattoos, photography and design. My dream is to buy a tiny home on wheels and park it somewhere in the countryside, surrounded by trees where I can grow a veggie garden, spend time in nature with my son and spend my nights looking at the stars.