The best savings accounts

With the number of banks out there in the market today it can be hard to decide which savings account is best for you. I know several people who are still with their banks original savings account, some of which have interest rates as low as 0.01% If this is you it's time to switch! I've done the hard work for you in this post and am excited to bring you all the current rates available as well as my own interest rate calculator so you can see how much more you'd save by switching.

Rethink your cycle

Warning this may be a taboo topic for some people, but it really shouldn't be! Recently I changed to cloth menstrual pads in an effort to reduce my environmental footprint. I wanted to share my experience as I know it's not always talked about. There are a lot of women that still think using reusable cloth pads is gross. I understand if you're one of them, but give this article a read before making the decision to say no to cloth.